Tie Dye Surprise FAQ's

  1. How Many shirts come in the "Kit"?  One Shirt comes with the kit
  2. How Many Bottles of dye does my family need to purchase? 2 people can share one bottle of dye. 
  3. I want to get 5 shirts but only one comes with the kit? Purchase add ons for the other shirts and bottles of dye you need. The kit is just to get you started.
  4. I can not check out for some reason. Be sure that your minimum total     in your cart is $25. Ideally you would start with one kit and add on from there. You can not just purchase one add on.
  5. Will my personalized design be 100% hidden? No, only about 90%, so if you want to keep it a secret we recommend you choose the pre-spiraled option.
  6. Will I have to wait 6 to 8 hours before I can see my design and open up my Tie Dye? No! Our methods allow you to reveal your Tie Dye in just minutes!
  7. How long will it take for me to get my order in hand? All orders will be processed within 3 days. You can choose no contact pickup or delivery for it to be shipped to you. (Shipping delivery times vary) 
  8. I want the same design on all my items, do I need to type in the hidden wording information on each shirt? No, you can simply put "same" on all the other Items and we will take care of it for you